Our Waste Management Projects

1. Waste Segregation and Sensitization

The purpose of this waste project/campaign is to properly manage wastes in Cameroon, with a pilot in Limbe city (Batoke and Mokundange localities), to curb the many environmental problems, pollution and health concerns caused by these wastes. In addition, more recycling businesses and projects could emerge and thrive since the segregated wastes would facilitate material separation for use/recycling by different industries. On May 11th, the Waste Segregation Project was launched at the Limbe II Municipal Council, Cameroon. The Mayor of Limbe II Council, the Divisional Delegate of Environment and Nature Protection Fako Division, the Manjung Cultural Group, various media houses and other dignitaries, as well as the members and volunteers of the Numfor Solange Foundation were present. 

Given that unawareness of the population is one of the problems of the current waste management system in Cameroon, it is imperative to educate the population on the methods and importance of managing and recycling wastes in the country. As part of the waste segregation project, The Numfor Solange Foundation took to the streets and door posts some volunteers to sensitize the population on the importance of segregating wastes and the need to use the donated garbage bins appropriately.

Waste segregation is not an end but a means to properly separate wastes to facilitate collection and recycling. However, without a corresponding recycling plan, the segregated waste could end up mixed in landfills.

Garbage bins received at the Mokundange Chiefdom
Various stakeholders supporting the waste segregation project including the Mayor, the Divisional delegate of the Environment and the Bafut Cultural Group

2. Beach Clean-up

The beach clean-up campaign was carried out to commemorate the 48th edition of the World Environment Day. The main purpose was to curb the adverse impacts of ocean pollution and to sensitize the population on the importance of such an activity. In this light, the local population including students, other youths, the representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection, working staffs, joined the foundation to carry out this beach cleanup. On June 8th 2022, the Iliki Beach, Bobende-Limbe, was kept clean by the Numfor Solange Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Nature Potection, Fako Division, and Gigi Capital (an import-based business, USA-Douala, Cameroon). The CEO of Gigi Capital, gave a generous donation, which sponsored this beach clean-up campaign. The students of Favor Bilingual Technical Secondary school also participated in this campaign. The clean-up left the shores clean and the local fishermen congratulated such an initiative and recognized their role is maintaining the cleanness of the Iliki Beach.

Iliki beach cleanup

Our Other Projects

Computer Donation and Education

To improve the learning conditions and capacity development of the youth, The Numfor Solange Foundation (based on Sustainability and Waste Management), in partnership with Change Agent Inc. (a Japanese consulting firm on Sustainability, learning development, and Systems Thinking), donated ten computers to equip the computer laboratory for the students at Favour Technical and Comprehensive College, Limbe, Cameroon, on April 19, 2023.

To achieve environmental Sustainability, The Numfor Solange Foundation, with students and delegates from the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection (MINEPDED), Fako Division, carried out a tree-planting exercise along the road stretch from Bobende to Limbola localities. It is worth noting that the Limbe II Municipal Council provided the seedlings.

In addition to the above, Dr. Numfor Solange introduced systems thinking and waste management to the students and teachers through a workshop.

Donated systems in partnership with Change Agent Inc.

System Thinking

Dr. Numfor Solange had a workshop with the students to drill them on the basics of systems thinking, including causal relationships, polarities, and interpretation, and the application / usefulness of the model to solving problems (waste management in particular) considering our complex systems. This workshop aimed to promote the youths’ capacity development, including their problem-solving skills, awareness and inclusive participation to achieve concrete results. The students were grouped and assigned projects on Systems Thinking and Global Warming, Good Waste Management, and Computer Education.

More of the system thinking pictures can be found on the gallery page.

Tree Planting

With the support of MINEPDED, who sent some delegates, the Limbe II Municipal Council, who donated 20 tree seedlings, the Numfor Solange Foundation carried out a tree planting exercise with the students.  The trees were planted along the road stretch of Bobende – Mokundange – Limbola localities and around the school premises. This tree planting exercise was aimed at the inclusive participation of the youths in environmental conservation and nature protection as climate action and a drive towards the achievement of the UN SDGs. The students and the nearby residents are catering for the trees. Two national Television stations (Hi TV and My Media Prime TV), three newspapers (The Guardian Post Newspaper, The Post Newspaper, and The Dawn Newspaper), and two renowned bloggers (K-News and Atlantic Chronicles) covered this project.  We received support from the Member of Parliament for Bafut Tubah, Hon. Agho Oliver, to ensure the above media were present.

Computer Donation, Systems Thinking, Upcycling and Tree Planting Project II

The Numfor Solange Foundation run by Dr Numfor Solange, on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023, donated five computers to assist the teaching of students at Government Technical High School (GTHS) Bakingili, West Coast and another five to Faith International Comprehensive College (FICCOL) Isokolo – Limbe II Subdivision. Wednesday’s donations came to add up to a total of 20 computers that The Numfor Solange Foundation in partnership with Change Agent – a Japanese Consulting Firm, have donated to schools across Fako. It is worth recalling that on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, The Numfor Solange Foundation was at Favour Technical and Comprehensive College Mukundange, they did their first computer donation to the benefit of the students and teachers.

On Wednesday, Nov 01, the Foundation was out again to help improve the quest for computer literacy education for students at GTHS Bakingili in the West Coast Subdivision, a purely village locality. After donating five computers at Bakingili, there was also a tree planting exercise which the Foundation has been using to encourage an inclusive environmental education in schools. This was followed by the donation of five more computers to FICCOL in the Limbe II Subdivision and other environmental awareness exercises. The donations to the two schools were done in the presence and appreciation of Clarisse Mbotiji, the Chief of Bureau for Conservation and Environmental Monitoring, Fako.


The principals of both school with their students expressed profound gratitude to the Foundation and to Change Agent Inc., for the donations. The 10 computers donated have the following characteristics: Dell Desktop and Monitor, 500GB HDD, Windows 10, 4GB Ram, Core i5 1.80GHz  CPU, 64bits.

The project also involved an introduction to systems thinking, upcycling of waste materials, and tree planting with the students and teachers, to create an awareness and to ensure an inclusive participation of the youths in environmental conservation and the achievement of the UN SDGs. The students were able to present their basic systems thinking models on four topics, including Tree Planting, Computer Education, Global Warming, and Good Waste Management. They also presented their upcycled items from waste materials, as a way of igniting their innovative and creative capacities. Our long-term goal is to work with the students, particularly those doing technical education, to innovate solutions and equipment for recycling waste locally.